XRP Lawsuit: MoneyGram, Other Third Parties File Motion Seal Docs; What’s Next?

XRP Lawsuit News: MoneyGram International Inc., cross-border payments firm and other third parties moved their motion to seal portions of the parties’ Summary Judgment materials in the XRP lawsuit. However, Ripple, other defendants and the US SEC have fully briefed the Motions for Summary Judgment, including the Oppositions and Replies.

MoneyGram seeks to hide business details in XRP lawsuit

Attorney James Filan reported that several third parties have filed motions to redact information in the Parties’ Summary Judgment Materials. This tally holds the names of a MoneyGram, Cryptocurrency Exchange Declarant and some Investors.

MoneyGram in its request wants to redact a few lines from the depositions transcript of its officer. However, it also includes dollar amounts, percentages and some related numbers for the work orders.

It mentioned that this information going in public would be highly detrimental as it will reveal their detailed information to competitors and people.

However, Court also saw some requests for a Notice of Appearance on the behalf of the third parties.

Attorney James Q. Walker filed not to appear on behalf of the crypto exchange declarant in the XRP lawsuit. While Attorney Alyssa M. Hasbrouck wants to appear on behalf of the investment Banker Declarant.

What’s next in Ripple’s lawsuit?

Coingape reported that Attorney Filan dropped an updated schedule in Ripple Lawsuit. He mentioned that the motions to exclude Expert Testimony are fully briefed. While it is not clear when will be sealing dispute will be over.

XRP Lawsuit will see parties filing oppositions to Omnibus Motions to Seal. This was submitted on December 22, 2022. While Parties will need to file the Daubert Motions and accompanying exhibits on the public docket with redactions January 13, 2022.

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