XRP Lawsuit Might Not End In Settlement; Here’s Why

The global crypto community is eagerly waiting for a final ending in the long running XRP lawsuit. Meanwhile, the court is yet to produce a Summary Judgment in the case. However, XRP holders’ lawyer has dropped his prediction over what could be the end of the Ripple Vs SEC lawsuit.

XRP lawsuit to face settlement?

Attorney John Deaton, Amicus Curiae dropped a Twitter poll for the users to see what they think about the result of the XRP lawsuit. Around 60% of the voters believe that it is going to be a settlement. However, XRP lawyer doesn’t believe the same.

Deaton stated that a year ago he believed that a settlement was likely as the US SEC wasn’t surrendering its assertion over the Hinman speech drafts and Emails. However, the commission gave up its claim and submitted the docs to Ripple and Defendants.

Now, the XRP lawyer believes that the XRP lawsuit will get a decision from Judge Analisa Torres.

Is Hinman Docs the key?

In the Attorney’s opinion, if these emails were very valuable to Ripple and could damage the SEC then the commission would have settled before turning over them. However, that Didn’t happen and now Ripple is citing the Hinman emails in its opposition briefs.

The SEC has even asked the Judge to seal the Hinman doc and it is now up to Judge to decide whether these emails and docs would become “judicial documents”. The judge can order the SEC to file these memos to be filed on the public docket with some redactions.

He added that there is a healthy chance that Judge Torres will not rely on the Hinman Emails or drafts in the ruling and accept the SEC’s appeal. The Judge has already implied that these memos stand relevant only to cross impeachment.

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