XRP Bull Run Ahead? 480 MIllion XRP Moved By Whales

XRP News: Ripple’s native crypto, XRP price surge has been affected by the recent market collapse and long running lawsuit filed by the US SEC. However, crypto whales have managed to keep up the momentum amid the high volatility conditions.

BSC whales getting interested in XRP?

WhaleStats reported that XRP token has managed to flip the FWC token for the most traded token among the largest 100 BSC whales. As per the data, XRP token has landed on the list of most purchased tokens among the top 100 BSC whales while making it to the top 10 list of most used smart contracts.

However, WhaleAlert reported that crypto whales moved around 479 million XRP amid the recent price surge. The cumulative worth of moved XRPs stands at more than $167 million. The single largest transaction recorded has been moving 214 million XRP (approx worth $73.5 million). Read More XRP News Here….

Meanwhile, $34 million worth of 100 million XRP tokens were moved from a wallet address tagged as Ripple to an unknown wallet amid the price surge.

Around 106 million XRP (approx worth $36.2 million) were moved by crypto whales to the Bitstamp, a crypto exchange in multiple transactions. These moves suggest that the whales are trying to book their profits here.

However, a whale bought 59.4 million XRP (approx worth $20.4 million) in a single transaction from Bitso, crypto exchange.

XRP bull run when?

As per a crypto analyst, historical data shows that XRP took 27 bar from Dec 2014 highs till the bull run in 2017. By applying the same elapsed time and rationale to the current price action then 27 bars from April 2021 leaves us to 1 July, 2023 for the moon date.

By this calculation, XRP is at the candle 21 from the highs. Last time XRP price pumped around 97%. However, many altcoins are pumping and this might be an early sign for a pump.

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