Top 5 Biggest Music NFTs To Look In 2023

The NFT industry’s underlying technology is still in high demand. The capabilities of NFT technology go far beyond those of a JPEG image. These days, there is a big demand for both Music NFTs and gaming NFTs.

NFTs are used by some projects as ownership evidence, giving them exclusive rights to the contents of the NFT.  NFTs had an exciting 2022. Optimistic highs and a record $4.8 billion in trades on OpenSea marked the start of January. Contrarily, December brought a hangover to the year, with volumes dropping by 95% and only $283 million traded.

Top 5 Biggest Music NFTs To Look in 2023

The Farmacy Fantoms

Rapper Styles P’s music NFT project is called The Farmacy Fantoms. Each of the 6,666 animated ghost characters has a unique appearance and can be heard on one of ten different tracks. In the future, holders will also have access to events and special prices on goods bearing the Styles P brand. It has 205 ETH in monthly trading volume. However, it has 170 ETH in primary sales and 35 ETH in secondary sales.

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Criteria EP

Despite the broader bear market in crypto, Criteria was the largest ever drop on music NFT platform is an 8-track EP that combines Allan’s electronic production with Cragun’s hip-hop vocals. The duo released 2,500 NFTs with a unique rarity structure in December. The drop, on the other hand, sold out in about an hour. The collection was heavily supported by the top music NFTs collectors, or “whales,” with many purchasing more than 100 pieces.

It has 138.67 ETH in monthly trading volume. However, it has 94.247  ETH in primary sales and 44.324 ETH in secondary sales.

Moonshot / Gypsy Heart

Violetta Zironi is establishing herself as one of the most consistent independent artists in the space. However, having charted in the top ten four times in the last seven months. Her debut “Moonshot” collection, which features artwork by her father, Disney animator Giuseppe Zironi, is still selling well on OpenSea, with 19.24 ETH traded in December.

Gypsy Heart, her new collection, is now available to exist fans and holders via an early access mint pass. Zironi sold 500 mint passes (out of a total of 5,000) in December, earning 40 ETH. It has 59 ETH in monthly trading volume. However, it has 40 ETH in primary sales and 19 ETH in secondary sales.

Armin’s All-Access (AAA)

In December, DJ Armin van Buuren launched an all-access pass. However, NFT holders will be granted access to a Web3 fan club community. The NFT grants access to a private section of the DJ’s Discord server, as well as unreleased tracks, studio live streams, and exclusive events. Each NFT includes music by the Dutch producer as well as 10 different variations of digital artwork by Rik Oostenbroek. In December, the duo sold 952 passes for $199 each.

It has $210,120 in monthly trading volume. However, it has $189,448 in primary sales and $20,672 in secondary sales.

Key Cards

The Bored Ape supergroup has remained in the top ten for the seventh month in a row. However, thanks to consistent sales on secondary markets such as OpenSea. The band started teasing video footage from the studio where producers Hit-Boy and James Fauntleroy are currently working on the band’s music in December.

The monthly trading volume is 25 ETH. It has 25 ETH in secondary sales but none in primary sales.

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