Solana Outage Fixed After Second Attempt, Will It Impact SOL Price?

Solana blockchain is back online after the second restart attempt. The blockchain resumed after a technical glitch triggered an hours-long slowdown on Saturday. The engineers are still monitoring the network’s performance.

As reported earlier, the Solana network went down in the early hours of Feb. 25. The blockchain was not processing the transactions as it is supposed to. A few hours after the outage happened, a first network restart took place but it was ineffective, leading to the second solution.

Solana blockchain fixed after hours of outage

Monitoring site Solana Status shows the fix occurred at 01:28 UTC, after which engineers were said to continue monitoring the performance of the network. At 02:09 UTC, the issue was deemed to be resolved.

This sort of outage issue is not new to the Solana network. It has suffered similar outages several times in the past. This is largely because of the network’s focus on supporting a high transaction throughput, which can put heavy pressure on nodes to stay in sync. Last October, the blockchain network underwent a similar restart process after a glitch caused a prolonged outage.

Solana price remains unphased by outage

Solana network outage did not impact SOL price by much. At the time of writing, SOL is trading at $22.80. The native cryptocurrency only saw negligible change in its price during the entire outage. Though, the price of the cryptocurrency is down nearly 4% in the last 7 days.

Solana outage have become recourring, attracting critisim from the crypto industry. Hailed as Ethereum rival, Solana network is among the top blockchain networks in the market but frequent outages have become a issue



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