Samsung Spends Millions On Metaverse For Latin Americans

Samsung has disclosed that it is currently spending more than $35 million on metaverse projects for the Latin American market. As part of its digital push and growth marketing strategy, the goal of this move is to assist the brand in attracting and connecting with younger audiences. Samsung consistently steps up to support cutting-edge technology.

Samsung’s investing in Latam

Many businesses have begun to advertise their goods and brands in the metaverse because they see it as an essential component of their marketing plans. One of the largest electronics companies in the world, Samsung, recently disclosed that it is devoting more than $35 million to Latam customers’ metaverse initiatives.


The Metaverse is a vision that many in the computer industry believe will be the next iteration of the Internet. However, where people experience life in ways they could not in the physical world. Many companies, including Sony, Microsoft, and others, are already using Metaverse, and Samsung has now joined the fray.

Younger Audiences in Focus

The marketing vision presented by Samsung justifies Samsung’s focus on the metaverse and the amount of money invested in this area.  Furthermore, according to a Linkedin study, the various Metaverse platforms currently have an active audience of 400 million monthly users, 51% of whom are 13 years of age or younger.

The barriers that currently separate the virtual and real worlds will undoubtedly not exist in the world that this younger generation creates in the future. However, which means there will be many opportunities to build together.

The company launched House of Sam in October

Samsung’s interest in the virtual world is not new. However, the company has already taken steps to become a part of various metaverse platforms. The company launched its “House of Sam” experience in Decentraland in October. However, allowing users to interact virtually with the company’s products. In July, Samsung also released “Space Tycoon,” a Roblox metaverse experience. It allows users to be a part of a space station where they can build Samsung products using raw materials.

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