Popular Crypto Influencer Picks His Top 3 Cryptos For 2023 Bull Run

The cryptocurrency market has seen a roller coaster year in 2022. It has experienced almost all the different facets of a financial turmoil, starting from the demise of the Terra ecosystem in May to the latest fiasco of the FTX crypto exchange. However, according to popular crypto influencers Guy Turner from Coin Bureau, and Altcoin Daily’s brother-duo Aaron & Austin Arnold, the falling prices have yielded better opportunities to investors for the upcoming 2023 bull run.

Top 3 Cryptos For 2023

In a recent interview that was broadcasted on Youtube, Turner was asked about his most favorite cryptocurrencies for the coming year. In response, Turner named Cosmos, Algorand, and Aave as his top three choices.


The crypto youtuber further stated that he adores Cosmos (ATOM) due to its interoperability function and the massive community that acts as the backbone of the project. He was quoted as saying:

I think it’s an amazing project. I love the Cosmos, I think the project has some really cool tech [and] there’s a great team behind it.

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ATOM which is Turner’s top pick, currently ranks 24th as per total market capitalization, and trades at around $9.12, according to crypto market tracker CoinMarketCap.

Algorand’s Untapped Potential

Following that, Turner endorsed Algorand (ALGO), noting that the coin has the potential to be a significant participant in the subsequent bull market. After reaching an all-time high of $3.28 four years ago and having lost more than 95% of its value since then, ALGO is currently trading at $0.168.

DeFi Still To Run 2023

In third, came his liking for Aave (AAVE), which is a DeFi platform that enables individuals to lend and borrow cryptocurrencies. With a total market value of $783 million, Aave is regarded as one of the top 50 most-valuable crypto projects among the many trying to capitalize on the DeFi craze.

After plummeting 92% from its top of $666.86 in May 2021, the altcoin is currently trading at $55.67, at the time of writing.

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