My Neighbor Alice: An Introduction To The Play-To-Earn Crypto Game

What is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is developed by Antler Interactive and is inspired by popular online games such as Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing. My Neighbor Alice, a metaverse game has won many hearts with its unique features and in-app purchase modes. Its advanced blockchain and in-game Defi features set it apart from other online games on the market.

My Neighbor Alice is a multiplayer game that introduces those who want to collect and trade NFTs, even if they are complete beginners, to the vast world of blockchain. To give its users the best of both worlds, the game offers a fun narrative for those who just want to play and a virtual ecosystem for players. Despite the fact that it was only released a few months ago, My Neighbor Alice has quickly become one of the most popular blockchain games.

Key takeaways

How does My Neighbor Alice work?

In January 2021, a game test was conducted on the Steam website. The user can access a special island once they’ve signed into the platform. Work on it will be done by both humans and animals. Players are essentially unrestricted in their field of employment.

In addition to growing plants, you can also breed bees and fish. Expanding one’s territory is the primary objective of players. Similar to the well-known browser game Happy Farmer, this one’s gameplay mechanics will be simple. By exchanging rewards with other players, you can obtain the items you require. In-game currency can be converted into Alice tokens, which you can then sell, and collectible NFTs can also be sold to earn money.

It’s also important to remember that although a certain function will require donations, the game itself does not. The target audience for the project is adults over the age of 18. However, the game is appropriate for all players over the age of 12.

What Can Users Do in this Game?

Users can do various things in the game. Some are:

  1. Make items for the game
  2. Build homes and other structures
  3. Character development
  4. Fulfill daily missions
  5. Exchange their land parcels
  6. Interrogate other players

My Neighbor Alice is a classic farm game. Here, regular players will actually enjoy themselves if they enjoy an intriguing story and want to collect and trade NFTs. Additionally, playing this game will enable those who want to earn money to do so in a successful manner.

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What makes My Neighbor Alice unique?

My Neighbor Alice targets two distinct audiences: gamers and Defi enthusiasts, making it a one-of-a-kind initiative in terms of game use cases. A multiplayer builder game, blockchain-based in-game assets, staking, and a loan economy for NFTs are among the technologies used to build its ecosystem. This is what distinguishes My Neighbor Alice from other games such as Decentraland or popular metaverse platforms such as The Sandbox.

The novel feature of My Neighbor Alice also involves the deposit of a portion of each NFT’s purchase price into a particular account connected to the NFT. Due to their inherent value, which guarantees that they always maintain a predetermined minimum value, NFTs can also be used as collateral in Defi lending applications.

How to play My Neighbor Alice?

Once the plot of land has been acquired from Alice or from the market, players are free to modify it however they see fit. They can alter the terrain’s appearance and add a variety of in-game decorations, including houses, lakes, animals, plants, and other things that can be bought separately. Both the in-game market and the NFT markets on other blockchains could be used to trade game items.

A reputation system in the game rewards players who are good landowners with growing benefits (up to participating in the Community Council). It will open up a variety of opportunities for players to collaborate and pool.

For instance, the game will allow players to take part in activities and competitions that are organized by the community. A decentralized forum will also be made available by My Neighbor Alice, allowing users to discuss game activities, determine the voting schedule for the Decentralized Organization, and look for new friends.

Features of My Neighbor Alice

The following are My Neighbor Alice’s four main characteristics.

1. Avatar

Like in other virtual games, players need an avatar to interact with other players and navigate the world of MNA. Players could further express themselves through their avatars thanks to the more than a thousand different outfits and accessories available.

2. Digital Island

Through six different types of Virtual Islands, players can expand their NFT empire.

  1. Lummested (Town)
  2. Snowflake Island
  3. Medieval Plains
  4. Submerged Islands
  5.  Nature’s Rest
  6. Sandy Coast

3. In-Game Asset

Players in MNA can craft a variety of items to use in commercial endeavors and for land decoration. Additionally, there are more than a dozen catalogs in the market where players can shop for houses, pets, groceries, and fashion items for their avatars.

 4. ALICE Token

My Neighbor Alice made use of the ALICE coin, an in-game currency that token owners could use to make purchases and conduct other transactions in the Alice universe. Coins can be used to purchase play-to-earn rewards, in-game items and bets, and more.

What is ALICE Token?

The native token for the cooperative farm-building video game My Neighbor Alice is called ALICE. ALICE was developed using the ERC20 Token specification and is built on the Ethereum network. In the game, players can construct islands, invest ALICE tokens in virtual islands, hunt for new collectibles, and more. The game’s NFT Marketplace accepts the ALICE token. It allows users to exchange NFTs and make money off of their inventions.

Uses of ALICE Token

The following are some of the uses for the My Neighbor Alice token:

  1. Buying game items: You can use the in-game currency ALICE to purchase NFTs for avatars as well as in-game goods.
  2. Play for rewards: Participating in various in-game activities, such as tournaments, will earn you ALICE tokens.
  3. Benefits of stake: In the system, staking incentives can be obtained by using the ALICE token. It is meant to persuade users to hold tokens and support the ecosystem.
  4. Dispersed administration: Through the Community Council, which decides how funds are spent as well as game development and expansion, token holders may be able to take part in the decentralized governance process.

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How to Purchase and Sell Land in My Neighbor Alice?

A finite number of digital land plots make up the My Neighbor Alice universe. On the MNA platform, a portion of them is accessible to everyone. NFT tokens are used to represent every land parcel. The user can alter the shape, construct a house, or plant vegetation on a plot of land they have purchased from Alice or from the market.

Playing the game requires a purchased plot of land. Additionally, you can eventually rent it out or sell it to make money. You can also sell it in-game or on an outside NFT exchange. You must be the winner of the virtual lottery for the sale of land in order to buy a plot of land. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Connect a wallet on MetaMast.
  3. Select the Binance SmartChain MetaMask network.
  4. To register your address, put down 20 Alice tokens.
  5. Verify the payment.
  6. Wait 14 days until the bidding phase is over.
  7. The user will be required to pay 20 tokens for the land plot if they are one of the lottery winners.

You can either take tokens out of your account or keep them there until the next lottery if you’re unlucky enough not to have won the land plot.

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How to earn money from My Neighbor Alice?

The interaction between players as they manage My Neighbor Alice’s economy leads to numerous earning opportunities, as will be explained below.

Trade your animals

Animals are exceptional NFTs with the capacity to create new things from preexisting ones. Each animal has distinct breeding abilities, some of which are more uncommon than others, making animals more valuable in the market and even able to become one-of-a-kind commodities.

On the other hand, after accumulating sufficient wealth as a mobile tradesman, you might want to enter the world of pet ownership. In the game, you can keep pets on land that you rent from another player. While not using your animals, you can also hire out your skills to other players.

Complete the tasks assigned to you by other players

If you don’t yet own any land or animals, you might be able to get your first job and start making money. They might need your help with crop maintenance or animal care.

You can help as a caretaker for animals and land by providing them with the water, food, love, and attention they need. The land also needs to be watered and cared for. Well-maintained land produces more crops, and well-maintained animals are much better at reproducing, so their assistance is crucial to the landowner.

Export resources

The journey is incredible as you visit the many nations of the different players, meet new people, and see their farms, creations, animals, and furniture.

If you’re fortunate, you might find that some things cost less in one place than another. This dynamic gives you the opportunity to pretend to be a trader who buys and sells goods around the globe to make money!


All farming is done on NFT-representative land that can be bought through lotteries. The process of planting and growing is enjoyable. If you’re one of the fortunate ones to have some land, you can cultivate crops and sell them to other players!

To make money by selling healthy crops, make sure your plants are receiving adequate water. You can simply rent your land to another player in the game and earn money from the rental fees if all of this seems like too much work.

Trade exclusive NFTs

Gamers can design their own hats and dresses to express their personal style. You can sell your clothing to other players because each article of clothing you produce is a distinct NFT. A design’s market value will increase with how distinctive and intriguing it is.

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What exactly is an Alice land lottery?

The My Neighbor Alice land lottery is the game’s first opportunity to purchase land. But what is the purpose of a lottery? At this first auction, Alice wants to give everyone a fair chance to buy a plot of land, not just the highest bidder. Three previous lotteries were completed on June 12, 2021, August 12, 2021, and October 11, 2021, respectively. The first lottery produced 29,010,516 tickets, with stakers winning 927 plots.

For every 1,000 plots that winners of the second lottery received, 36,584,066 tickets were distributed.1,000 stakers won plots in the third land sale lottery, which had a total distribution of 45,860,693 tickets. You must be familiar with NFTs in general, the land sale lottery dashboard, own a MetaMask wallet, know how to use it, and be aware of Chromia and the CHR token in order to take part in the lottery event. You should also be familiar with the My Neighbor Alice game and the ALICE token.

What Are In-Game NFTs?

The card game My Neighbor Alice contains a sizable number of NFT cards. These consist of

  1.   Islands
  2.    Houses
  3.    Animals
  4.    Vegetables
  5.    Cosmetic items for avatars
  6.    Decorations
  7.    In-game items

Users will be given the option to design their own NFT cards. The ones that will be released in the future are currently unknown.

Roadmap for My Neighbor Alice

From the spring of 2022, everyone can access the full version of My Neighbor Alice. You must go to the Steam website in order to play. Everyone will be able to play the game, even those without extensive blockchain knowledge. The following describes the platform’s growth strategy:

  1. The business starts promotion for early registration. This process is available to more than 50,000 players worldwide.
  2. The platform intends to form alliances with other blockchain initiatives.
  3. The group starts a project to broaden the game’s geographic reach.
  4.  The game’s developers produce a mobile application.

The development of the platform will benefit from these actions, the team is confident, and it will be well-known to users all over the world by the time it is fully launched.

Is My Neighbor Alice Free to Play?

My Neighbor Alice is completely free to play thanks to the developers unless you want to use services like Decentralized features, Defi, and the Marketplace to customize your avatar and NFT island.

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How much does the video game My Neighbor Alice cost?

In spite of the fact that My Neighbor Alice is a totally free game, you can customize your avatars and virtual stories by buying a variety of in-game items. An operating system with Windows 7 or higher is one of the system requirements. Your computer or laptop must also support a video card with 1024 MB of video random access memory and 4 GB of storage.

The game will be accessible on the official Alice website as well as on common gaming websites. The full game will nevertheless be available in the spring of 2022, it is important to remember that. Blockchain technology and gamified finance are two additional tools that can be used by those who want to go beyond traditional gaming and make money from their experience.

How to store ALICE?

Any exchanges and wallets that support Ethereum can trade and store ALICE. Hardware wallets and cold wallets like Ledger and Trezor provide offline storage. Software wallets provide an alternative that is cost-free and easy to use. They can be downloaded as desktop or smartphone apps and can be either custodial or non-custodial.

Custodial wallets manage and store your private keys on your behalf on behalf of the service provider. Custodial wallets are more vulnerable to cryptocurrency heists, though. Non-custodial wallets use security components to store private keys on your device and are more appropriate for users with less ALICE or less experience.

Online wallets, also referred to as online wallets, can be accessed from a variety of devices using a web browser and are also free and easy to use. Hot wallets, on the other hand, are viewed as risky and may not be as secure as hardware or software alternatives.

The DeFi Element

The game My Neighbor Alice is much more than that. It functions as both a decentralized application and a yield farm. You can stake your ALICE tokens and add liquidity pools. The gaming platform’s revenue from asset sales and transaction fees is used to pay the stake rewards.

Defi features such as collateralization and buybacks are planned and will be implemented in accordance with the game development roadmap. Many incentives, such as high staking rewards, are aimed at the early birds in the game. However, as new gaming features are released, these will gradually decrease.

Another intriguing Defi feature of this game is collateral-filled NFTs. Players not only earn monthly interest on their NFT holdings, but they also receive instant liquidity when it comes time to liquidate these holdings.


The integration of smart contracts, NFTs, and enjoyable components in the form of games is one of the most alluring uses of blockchain technology. It’s a sizable, underserved market that is currently just starting out. If the current pattern of increasing NFT popularity persists, My Neighbor Alice may rank among the most well-known blockchain-based projects worldwide.

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