Mt Gox Creditors Get A New Timeline For Repayments

A notification from the creditors states that the due date for the first instalment of repayments from Mt. Gox has been changed from July 31 to September 30, a delay of two months. The start date for payments has also been pushed back two months and is now March 10.

Additionally, the deadline for providing banking and cryptocurrency exchange details has been moved from January 10 to March 10. The deadline was extended, according to former CEO Mark Karpeles, who stated this in a Telegram chat message, because a sizeable number of people had not yet submitted their information.

There is a base payment that will be made to each creditor. Moreover, they will either accept an early lump sum payment or decide to accept a later payment that may be for a different sum. Payments may be made in fiat money, cryptocurrencies, or both. The recipient’s bank account or cryptocurrency exchange will receive this.

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The probable effects of Kraken exist

Kraken‘s departure from Japan may not have an impact on the majority of debtors or repayments, but it may pose issues for Japanese customers who want to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat money and withdraw to a local bank account.

There have been rumours among Mt. Gox creditors that the timing modification may be connected to Kraken’s withdrawal from the Japanese market as a crypto exchange. It was one of the exchanges that creditors may choose from to get their cryptocurrency payments. However, the exchange announced that following global layoffs, it planned to quit the Japanese market in January.

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Some creditors said that the new deadline will make it easier for them to verify their crypto exchange details in time for the current deadline. They have been facing difficulty doing so in the past. In the Mt. Gox creditors Telegram channel, one creditor claimed to be from Japan and to have registered Kraken as their exchange. They signed up for two more exchanges after learning about Kraken’s intention to exit the country so they could offer an alternative method of payment.

“I’m still waiting for both exchanges to complete my KYC, I will most likely miss the Jan 10th deadline. For me, the extension was needed, I do sympathise with everyone who isn’t in my predicament,” they said.

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