LUNC News: Terra Classic FUD Continues As Top Developer Shut Downs Validator

Terra Classic developer Vegas on Friday said he is shutting down his validator node “Vegas Validator” and quit working on Terra Classic (LUNC) developments after delivering the Rebel Station wallet.

Earlier this week, Terra Classic core developers Edward Kim and Tobias “Zaradar” Anderson quit Terra Rebels, the developer group behind Terra Classic burn tax and staking. Later, Zaradar revealed that he will be working in a new developer team.


Terra Classic Developer Vegas Shutting Down Validator

Terra Classic developer Vegas on December 23 suddenly announced closing his validator node “Vegas Validator”. Moreover, he instructs the Terra Classic community to redelegate their LUNC tokens to a different validator.

He will continue working on two proposals such as Rebel Station that he is involved with before he takes a break from the community. In a conversation with Terra Classic community members on Telegram, he said, “after delivery of the wallet, I’m out of this toxic environment”. He tweeted:

“This community (LUNC) has good and bad ppl, I received bad and good msg. I’m not going to lie is hard. But the good msg show me that this time was not in vain. Thank you all for the support.

However, he will continue to be associated with the Terra Classic community, but didn’t reveal whether he continues to work on Terra Classic developments with Terra Rebels or separately.

Meanwhile, the community seeks answers on $150,000 provided to Terra Rebels as part of the controversial Proposal 11030 to separate Rebel Station from TFL infrastructure. After, the allocation of funds to Terra Rebels reduced the headcount from over 25 to 12. Terra Classic core developers Edward Kim and Zaradar, who were behind the major developments, quit Terra Rebels.

LUNC Price Soars Amid FUD

Terra Classic (LUNC) price fell to the August level amid the FUD related to Terra Rebels. However, Binance completing the second airdrop of Terra (LUNA) tokens to LUNC and USTC holders saw prices rally over 5%.

LUNC price is currently trading at $0.0001383, up nearly 4% from the 24-hour low of $0.0001321.

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