Bitcoin Logo History/ Origin Story: Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a person or group of people operating under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This pseudonym initially appeared on the original 2008 Bitcoin white paper that explained the blockchain system that would serve as the backbone of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

For those who don’t know, Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency (or digital currency), was created to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions.


Satoshi Nakamoto, a mysterious programmer, also designed the first Bitcoin logo. Later, a pseudonymous person, Bitboy, improved it into the current BTC logo.

The BTC Logo’s First Iteration

The first iteration of Nakamoto’s logo surfaced shortly after Bitcoin’s introduction in early 2009. It features a gold coin with the characters “BC” etched on it.

It followed the skeuomorphism design philosophy, in which digital items are meant to mirror their physical counterparts.

BTC Logo

Bitcoin Logo Update

The Bitcoin ecosystem’s decentralised nature allows the general public to contribute to the Bitcoin network in a variety of ways based on community consensus, including logo designs.

With the launch of the Bitcoin Talk Forum in 2010, other users quickly added their voices to the discussion surrounding the Bitcoin logo.

Satoshi incorporated community design suggestions and introduced a  new Bitcoin logo on February 24, 2010.

This time Nakamoto took inspiration from dollar sign, and removed the letters “BC”. He kept the golden coin and imprinted a stylized “B” in the centre. Unlike the dollar symbol, though, this symbol has two strokes. And, unlike the dollar sign, the strokes came out from the top and bottom, never crossing it.

This design got mixed reactions from community members, with some even saying that the design ”lacked professional polish.” This design didn’t last for very long.

BTC Logo

Bitcoin Logo Current Design

In November 2010, a Bitcoin Forum user named “Bitboy” suggested some changes to Nakamoto’s design. Bitboy refined the Bitcoin design by drawing inspiration from the MasterCard logo.

Bitboy kept Nakamoto’s “B” but rendered it in white and placed it on a flat, bright orange circle, tilting it to the right (13.88 degrees clockwise).

Thanks to strong community support, Bitboy’s iteration would become the official Bitcoin logo over the next decade. “Now everyone can make use of the graphics freely, even for commercial purposes, with this licence and not be bound by any restrictions,” Bitboy said after releasing the copyright-free images into the public domain.

BTC Logo History



1. Who designed the Bitcoin logo?

Satoshi Nakamoto first designed the logo, and Bitboy later refined it. Both Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitboy are pseudonyms, and they remain anonymous to this day.

2. Why does the Bitcoin logo work?

To highlight a few, the Bitcoin logo is simple, unique, appealing, and versatile.

3. Is the Bitcoin logo copyrighted?

The official Bitcoin logo is in the public domain. As a result, you can use it for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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