First Nuclear-Powered Data Center All Set To Mine Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin has gained excessive popularity in the past few years cryptocurrency continues to become popular. The first nuclear-powered data center in the United States, which will house Bitcoin mining operations, has just been finished being built.

According to a report, Cumulus Data, a zero-carbon data center manufacturer and a subsidiary of independent power producer Talen Energy, has finished the powered shell for its first data center powered by a 2.5-gigawatt nuclear power plant.

Setting up nuclear-powered Bitcoin mining

The Susquehanna nuclear power plant in northeast Pennsylvania is immediately connected to the 48MW, 300,000-square-foot data center. Its 1,200-acre site is planned to house the first cloud computing and Bitcoin mining operations in the United States.

With a total projected capacity for the campus of 475 megawatts, two more are in advanced development in phase 1 of the project. Additional 18 Talen Energy locations that might potentially house data centers with direct access to the power plant were also found by Cumulus Data.

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Eco-friendly Bitcoin mining setup

TeraWulf recently stated that it was in the early stages of scaling up its mining operations, for which it plans to offer 50MW, despite the fact that work on the construction of the Bitcoin mining was temporarily paused in early December 2022. When Talen Energy and the American crypto mining company, TeraWulf agreed to a joint venture, the creation of the Nautilus Cryptomine, a zero-carbon Bitcoin mining facility, was revealed.

The Virunga National Park in eastern Congo is using hydroelectricity to mine bitcoin in another low-cost effort to raise money to protect the forests and wildlife in Africa’s oldest protected park, which have been harmed by years of militia violence, deforestation, and inadequate government support.

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