Explained: What is Disney Metaverse And How Will Disney Meta Work

Disney is entering the Metaverse!

Who hasn’t heard of Walt Disney? The company is known globally for the entertainment numbers that it has produced and continues to do so. Probably, one of the most important phases of growing up, childhood, is surrounded by Disney. Be it stories, cartoons, films, theme parks, or resorts, the company has its place everywhere. Disney Princess and Disney Villain are a part of every child’s life.

Key Takeaways:

  • The purpose of this piece is to go into more detail about the most recent Disney Metaverse improvements.
  • The most recent hires made by Disney hint at Generation Storytelling as a component of their overall Metaverse strategy.
  • For the fans, the Disney Metaverse is delivering many amazing anticipations.
  • Through the Disney Metaverse, fans can anticipate Disneyland excursions, virtual Disney stores, engrossing themselves in Disney narratives, and more.

What is Disney Metaverse?

Disney is coming up with its Metaverse project and what better than to hear this? It will give them the opportunity to come up with its unique theme parks, cartoons, and games with an experience that will not be physical but a completely virtual and surreal experience. Disney has always been bringing fantasy into the lives of normal people, that too from a very young age; the Metaverse will just boost this fantasy feeling. However, the details about this to the public are very less. Only with time, we will be able to figure out the exact plans and ties.


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The entertainment company has already taken its first step by appointing Mike White, its first Metaverse Executive. He will be known as the SVP of next-generation storytelling and consumer experiences. The firm already has great experience in creating movies, shows, games, etc so it won’t be very different for them to adapt to Web 3.0. It already came through very well with the breakout of new technologies. Mr. White is supposed to go through all the technologies related to Metaverse, which are, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

There have been other news reports of Disney actively hiring AR and VR-related staff. Already a trillion-dollar industry, Metaverse is predicted to get over 13 trillion USD by 2030.

Possible strategies that the firm might use

On a business level, Disney’s global expansion plan includes licensing and collaborative ventures. For instance, by licensing its subsidiary, Tokyo Disney Resort, the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the business’s highest-performing division, expanded to Tokyo, Japan (The Walt Disney Company, 2021). Collaborations with regional companies were necessary for its expansion into Shanghai, Paris, and other locations.

Geographic diversification is a corporate strategy for Disney that is in line with its goal of providing entertainment to a global audience. The Walt Disney Company (2021) claims that it physically operates in more than 80 nations throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa. All of its business units operate with the intention of taking advantage of fresh opportunities in fresh settings.

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​​The global strategy used by Disney is distinguished by universal products and local responses. Popular entertainment is adapted to match particular languages and cultures. New content is created for some markets, such as Violetta in Argentina and Easter Eggs in Brazil (The Walt Disney Company, 2021). The strategy of localizing the global and globalizing the local is thus congruent with Disney’s approach. The company’s international revenues are increased by this operational flexibility, which guarantees socially significant products for each location.

Will Disney choose a centralized or decentralized platform?

Well, people who are keen about Metaverse and already take part in it would say that the Blockchain and NFTs are the future of this new world. They are decentralized, that is, not controlled by any single authority/ institution. However, in the case of Disney, it could be different. For ex- if Disney wants to make a theme park, or a resort it will want to go for a centralized system. They will want to have full control of the inside itself by choosing it.

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Nevertheless, Disney has already come up with its NFTs earlier, named the Golden Moments. This NFT was dedicated to celebrating the most loved characters and memorable moments from its movies. The fans have always loved this concept. They have been selling physical collectibles, which the fans like to collect. NFT will enable Disney to provide collectibles and virtual assets which will in return benefit the company through money. They can be sold and resold among traders, fans, etc.

Theme Parks: Greatest strength for Disney!

The CEO of Disney, Chapek had earlier shown his confidence in the theme parks and their collaboration in the Metaverse. These parks are a very unique creation for them. Well, merging the physical theme parks into a completely new world would be very exhilarating.

Disney has already been using different ways to unlock shopping, credits, and offers experiences. For example, They have been using ‘wristbands’ for the people who visit their parks, resorts, hotels, or even cruise. This band enables them to access various virtual reality games and interactions. Customers get credit scores added to their digital wallets which can be used for shopping and personal purchases. They have also come up with an application Genie. In this application, the person can create an account and plan their visit. In turn, the app will create an automatic itinerary for what the individual will enjoy the most.

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Their recent patent application already gives a hint of blending with the Metaverse. A few technologies, like the use of projectors in theme parks to bring the characters to life, are already in sight. These indicate that the firm is preparing for something that is not just limited to VR sets in the coming years.

Future of Disney in Metaverse?

There is not much information about how Disney will proceed further in blending with the Metaverse. However, there are some key points that we need to remember about the entertainment boss. It has a great marketing strategy and enough resources to pull things. They have been in the market since the time they entered. Generation Z knows Disney, 90s knows as well and so does the 80s. They have been evergreen. The generation gap not having an impact on the entertainment industry is itself a massive victory. They have aced virtual reality, so acing any technology would never be impossible for them. It has collaborated with various brands to let its graphic be printed on them.

No one has known storytelling better than them. We expect and hope that our journey of us led by Disney in this different world would be dreamlike.


1. Exists a Disney Metaverse, if so?

Disney hasn’t formally introduced a separate Metaverse, but the company has been experimenting with a number of technologies with a Metaverse theme, including integrating blockchain technology, producing AR films, creating virtual stores, and much more.

2. Has it made a Metaverse investment yet?

Disney is working on a number of projects, including NFT collections, online shops, and other digital accessories. Additionally lately, the AR movie “Remembering,” starring Brie Larson, was released.

3. Has Disney made any announcements regarding the Metaverse?

The team is attempting to integrate blockchain technology into its entertainment offerings, according to Disney CEO Bob Chapek. Disney has appointed Mike White as VP of Next Generation Storytelling as part of their Metaverse initiative.