Explained: Fortnite Game and Why Fortnite is Being Called a ‘Real’ Metaverse?

Fortnite’s Metaverse: While Facebook (now Meta) and other tech heavyweights fight over who will develop and dominate the metaverse—the supposedly futuristic virtual world in which we’ll all hang out and spend all of our time—Fortnite is way ahead of the competition.

Some people even claim, “The metaverse is already here… and it’s called Fortnite.”


Fortnite’s “Metaverse”

Fortnite boasts a fantastic virtual hangout environment with a video game going on around it that’s more accessible than anything that requires a VR headset, such as Meta’s Horizon Worlds. It’s completely free and available on every gaming device and phone in the world.

Fortnite began as a game about building barricades to withstand swarms of enemies. Since adding a battle royale mode (in which 100 players drop onto an area and fight until only one remains) in 2017, the game has become a smash hit.

Fortnite metaverse

Without much fanfare, Epic Games began building virtual spaces in the gameplay for their players to hang out and socialize. The VR space within Fortnite gameplay matured gradually and steadily, one feature after another.

As a player, you can simply explore the vast (VR) area, which includes cities, islands, bright forests, deserts, and more. You can go “fishing,” or you can jump into a car with a working radio station and just drive around the region, or you can do the same with a boat in any of the map’s massive lakes.

Fortnite metaverse

Virtual Music Concerts

Epic Games has been setting the stage for music concerts in its “metaverse.” In 2019, Fortnite sent shockwaves through the gaming industry after it hosted EDM producer Marshmello for a live in-game concert. After the huge success of Marshmello’s concert, it hosted Travis Scott and Ariana Grande, and millions of players tuned in.

Fortnite’s Appeal

What makes Fortnite unique and capable of bringing people together unlike any other game before is that it is completely free to play. No payment is necessary to join, and you can simply hang out from a PC, Android phone, or gaming console.

As of now, Fortnite isn’t just a game but a virtual universe where millions of people are hanging out. It has convinced millions of people, to choose to hang out, catch up with friends in-game, and have fun without ever bothering too much about fancy gears.

And everything works out because the ultimate goal, regardless of what you do, is to have fun. Nobody is claiming that Fortnite will transform dating, fitness, or business meetings, as others (companies building metaverses) have promised.

Sometimes it feels like nobody noticed its “metaverse,” as they didn’t have any fancy VR or AR headsets to boast about or a CEO telling the world that ‘they are going to change the world.’


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