Explain Splinterlands: Is Splinterlands An NFT game?

What is Splinterlands?

Online collectible card game Splinterlands uses blockchain technology. The ownership of each card in the game is represented by a non-fungible token (NFT). Also, each card is traded using features found in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. With Splinterlands, players have a similar experience to that of collectible trading card games like Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon, only through a web browser and blockchain wallet. Splinterlands is a fresh take on the play-to-earn games found in the NFT industry. Earlier called Steem Monsters

Through independent online marketplaces, cards are offered for sale and purchase. It’s a lucrative platform for extremely skilled players with the best cards because winners can receive real money. Players must register for the Splinterlands game or link an existing Web3 wallet like MetaMask in order to begin playing. Splinterlands runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

How does Splinterlands work?

Card players can play, trade, and earn in-game rewards on the Splinterlands platform from their desktops and mobile devices. Players can combine the 283+ cards available in the game to strengthen and improve their characters’ skills.

The seven stats of speed, armor, mana cost, melee, ranged, and magic attacks are what determine how good a player is. Different “factions,” also referred to as “Splinters,” exist in Splinterlands. The factions represented by each card are Fire, Earth, Dragon, Death, Life, Water, and Neutral. There are a number of Rarities and Abilities in Splinterlands that can give a player an advantage over other players.

Players can take part in a variety of in-game activities in Splinterlands and earn rewards on a daily basis. There are many different types of gameplay, such as quests, ranked play, and competitions. As they progress through the game, players can earn card packs, rarity, magic potions, and Dark Energy, the game’s most distinctive item. In Splinterlands, players can rent out cards to other players, combine cards to level up, or exchange cards for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

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How is Splinterlands Unique?

Splinterlands offers the feature of cross-compatibility with other blockchains like Tron, Ethereum, and WAX, in contrast to the majority of NFT games available on the market. Splinterlands’ own blockchain, which provides in-game stability and regular game updates for the card trading game, is another noteworthy aspect of the title.

How to Play Splinterlands Crypto Game

The card game Splinterlands is played with NFTs. Users can register for no charge by using email or decentralized wallets like MetaMask. Users can practice without losing any points by playing for free. A user must deposit at least $10 in order to access the “Summoner’s Spellbook” and play the game for money. Before players can engage in competitive combat, market trading, reward earning, or tournament participation, they must possess the Spellbook. This fee is less expensive than that of rivals like Axie, where players must first make a deposit of $500–600.

The “Dark Energy Crystals” (DEC) token is the built-in incentive for the game. This token can be acquired and deposited into the game on decentralized exchanges like Pancakeswap. Users can begin playing and earning rewards that are paid out in DEC once they have access to the Summoner’s Spellbook. The SPS token is the only governance token that users can use to vote on game changes; it is not used in the game itself.

Gaming tips for Splinterlands players

Splinterlands can be a difficult experience for new players. Anyone looking to succeed quickly in this trading card game will find the following advice helpful.

  1. Setting a Game Plan.
  2. Knowing the Buying Options
  3. Take Part in Tournaments
  4. Keep an Eye Out for Critical Updates
  5. Keep the DEC Capture Rate Below 100%
  6. Research Other Players’ Decks to Identify Playing Strategies

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What are Splintershards (SPS)?

The main form of payment in the card trading game Splinterlands is Splintershards (SPS), a cryptocurrency governance token. The ability to make decisions and have control over stakeholders, asset owners, and player bases are the main goals of SPS.

Splintershards Price Analysis

The performance of the SPS token relative to the gaming NFTs will probably be of interest to investors who are in it for the money and do not intend to play the game. With a circulating supply of 389 million tokens and a maximum supply of 3 billion tokens, the SPS token is currently trading at $0.13.

Currently, most tokens are staked. The SPS token is incredibly erratic. It reached an all-time high of $1 on three separate occasions in 2021 before falling to a low of $.20, an 80% decline. The price of SPS is currently close to its record low. Nevertheless, it was able to recover from the most recent crashes, and if history is any guide, it might be able to do so once more.

Source: Coinmarketcap

Splintershards’s price at the time of writing is $0.02912, with a market capitalization of $ 26.8 million and a 24-hour trading volume up by 3.84 %. Now it stands at $525,993. At the same time, the circulating supply is approximately 921,528,395 SPS as per the crypto market tracker CoinMarketCap.

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Splinterlands NFT

The non-fungible tokens in the game are the sole property of the players, who are free to do whatever they please with them. This includes combining NFT cards to level up, burning them to obtain Dark Energy Crystals, keeping them as priceless collectibles, trading them on NFT marketplaces, and using them in the battle to earn rewards.

Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)

The primary form of payment for rewards in Splinterlands is Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). Only players with access to the Spellbook and who have paid the $10 registration fee are eligible to win DEC. A player receives DEC when they defeat another player.

On decentralized exchanges like Uniswap and Pancakeswap, DEC can be purchased outside of the game. They can exchange their balance for DEC and deposit it as balance in the game using native currencies like Ethereum and Tron.

How to Buy Splinterlands

Currently, users cannot purchase Splinterlands on the majority of the major cryptocurrency exchanges. But by following a few straightforward steps, one can purchase it on reputable decentralized exchanges (DEXs), such as PancakeSwap.

  1. Sign up with a regulated platform
  2. Purchase BNB tokens
  3. Send your BNB to a Web 3.0 wallet
  4. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap
  5. Swap your BNB for Splinterlands

Factors to remember before buying Splinterlands

  1. The booming play-to-earn game market
  2. Fixed Supply
  3. Exciting Times Ahead

Is Splinterlands Free to Play?

Players can play Splinterlands for free. However, players must spend $10 on a Summoner’s Spellbook to earn rewards, take part in contests, or join guilds. To access all functionalities and features, a modest investment is necessary. The fact that you receive 3,000 credits which players can use to buy or rent cards is fantastic.

Where can players play Splinterlands?

The answer is yes if users are wondering if there is a Splinterlands app or if they can play Splinterlands on their phone. This play-to-earn game is accessible on the desktop, Android, and iOS platforms.

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Is Splinterlands Profitable?

Splinterlands still generate a profit and allow users to earn money. Users can actually spend the money they earn in this game. The cards from Splinterlands are still very valuable because the game has a large and vibrant player base. Splinterlands is worthwhile of your time because it offers a variety of ways to earn money.

How to earn in Splinterlands?

In Splinterlands, there are many different ways to make money.

1. Ranked Battles

Playing Ranked Battles is the main way to make money in Splinterlands. By going to the Battle page and switching the battle type to Ranked, players can accomplish this. Players who have reached the Bronze 2 level receive rewards each time they triumph in a ranked battle. Players’ earnings are influenced by their position, capture rate, and market conditions.

2. Loot Chests

Through loot chests, players can also receive a variety of rewards. Similar to loot boxes in other games, they come with an assortment of random items, cards, and currencies. They can be acquired by players through daily quest completion or from the season’s final rewards. The quantity of chests they receive from Daily Focus is determined by the number of R-shares they have obtained from winning ranked battles. Depending on which League they place in at the end of each season, players are awarded loot chests. In a single season, they can earn a maximum of 150 chests.

3. Tournaments

Entering tournaments is another way to make money in Splinterlands. The Events link on the page will direct players there. There, they can choose from a variety of Tournaments that are hosted by Splinterlands as well as by other players. Entry requirements and prizes vary between tournaments. Tournaments come in two flavors: Anytime and Single Elimination. While the latter requires you to be online when the tournament begins, the former lets you play your battle over the course of a full day.

4. Trading Cards

The active marketplace in the game allows players to make money by purchasing and selling Splinterlands cards. They don’t even need to play the game to do it; it works exactly like trading stocks on the stock market.

5. Renting Cards

Renting cards that they aren’t using is the best option for players who want to make money playing this game passively. The rental market is readily accessible and was built right in Splinterlands.

How to invest in Splinterlands?

It’s possible to invest in Splinterlands in a number of ways. Summoner’s Spellbook costs $10, and players must buy it to receive rewards. Players should think about making that investment because it allows them to use all play-to-earn features and could result in substantial earnings. They could, for instance, turn that meager investment into tokens worth thousands of dollars if they play the game for a long enough period of time.

Purchasing NFT cards also serve as a wise investment because players can sell them on the game’s market and see a potential increase in value. Furthermore, they could make money by renting them out. Purchasing SPS, the game’s primary token, is an additional way to invest in Splinterlands.

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What wallet do players need for Splinterlands?

A Hive wallet is automatically created when a player creates a Splinterlands account. But they can also connect to other cryptocurrency wallets, like MetaMask.

What is Hive Engine?

Splinterlands uses the smart contract platform Hive Engine. To make in-game rewards and card rentals possible, the engine makes use of the independent HIVE Blockchain. Users can use the transfer features of Splinterlands and their digital wallets to move assets between blockchains, including the HIVE Blockchain.

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What are play-to-earn rewards in Splinterlands?

Rewards are given out at the conclusion of in-game seasons and competitions. Players can also receive rewards from tournaments and daily quests. Rewards are given in the form of virtual reward chests that players can open to access cards, potions, or Dark Energy Crystals.


The SPS governance token is distinct from the Splinterlands game. The SPS token is the governance token that a user could use to vote on game development changes in Splinterlands, a card game where users can play games and earn rewards. In the game, players can also use other tradable tokens to win battles, such as the DEC token. The price of the SPS governance token and the price of the DEC token are highly correlated. Likewise, when these tokens increase in value, NFTs become more valuable.

The game can be played online on a desktop computer or a mobile device, but the desktop version has more features. Users won’t be able to play for a profit in either scenario unless they spend the $10 to buy the Spellbook, which functions as the game’s wallet initializer. This may end up being one of the best-performing projects as the number of Metaverse projects increases due to the low entry fee, access to numerous blockchains, and early-stage development. It remains to be seen, though, whether the SPS token will surge back to its previous high.

Splinterlands FAQs

What is the Splinterlands release date?

The release date of Splinterlands is 25th March 2021

What wallet is used for Splinterlands?

Users need MetaMask wallet for Splinterlands.

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