DOGE Fan Elon Musk Announces New Feature For Twitter

On Saturday, Elon Musk tweeted that his recently acquired Twitter would provide a new but “higher priced” Blue subscription that will remove advertisements from the micro-blogging platform. Although this functionality hasn’t yet been made available, the existing $7.99 per month Twitter Blue subscription offers 50% fewer advertisements when compared to “non-verified persons.”

Twitter’s New Blue Plan

It’s possible that Elon’s solution to Blue’s poor membership numbers and the 40% decrease in ad revenue, which CoinGape has already reported, is to provide a subscription that is more expensive but does not include ads. Musk claims Twitter is also working on a mechanism to minimize the frequency and size of the adverts showcased on Twitter.

The Dogecoin aficionado was quoted as saying:

Ads are too frequent on Twitter and too big. Taking steps to address both in coming weeks

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Although, the billionaire hasn’t been public about the new pricing, industry experts believe it to be around the range of $15-$16. The existing Blue subscription comes with privileges such as a blue “verified” checkmark, the option to undo tweets, a means to submit lengthier 1080p videos, a reader mode for threads, and preferential ranking in conversations. All of these features can be accessed by paying an additional fee of $8.

Twitter’s Attempt To Monetize

Since he acquired the platform in October, Musk has been working to diversify the company’s economy away from advertising income. He is resting his hopes on revenue from “Twitter Blue” memberships as a means to accomplish this goal. In order for Twitter to compensate for the commission that Apple and Google take out of in-app purchases, Twitter currently imposes a $3 premium to Blue sign-ups that originate from iOS or Android smartphones.

Since it was relaunched in December, Blue has been offered as a paid subscription on iOS for the price of $11 a month. On Thursday, Twitter began offering Blue to users of its Android platform for the same price. There is also the possibility of purchasing a subscription for a period of one year at the discounted rate of $84.

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