Digital Rupee Will Wipe Out All The Black Money, Claims RBI Official

Ajay Kumar Choudhary, executive director of the Reserve Bank of India, stated at an interactive session on “Digital Rupee: A Way Forward” that the introduction of digital currency would significantly increase system operational efficiency and promote financial inclusion.

Digital rupee would add resilience linked to innovation in the way payments are made, claims Choudhary. According to him, it will also foster innovation in the field of international payments. In the future, the marketplaces will produce more enormous cases in accordance with their own needs. CBDC will provide the public with the desired experience while upholding consumer protection and averting negative social and economic repercussions, he added.

Will it replace current payment system?

Digital currency, according to Choudhary, will cover the strategic need at this moment. According to him, digital currency is more likely to supplement existing systems of payment than to replace them. It would give users a different option as a means of payment.

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In order to create a system that is inclusive, competitive, and responsive to innovation and technological changes, he said, the Reserve Bank of India will take steps to ensure that the issuance of CBDC follows a calculated and proper approach with adequate safeguards to tackle any potential difficulties and risks.

According to the central bank digital currency (CBDC) tracker, nearly 105 nations—representing 95% of global GDP—have taken steps to integrate digital currency into their economic systems, Choudhary said, adding that about 50 nations are in an advanced stage of exploring the possibility of doing so, while 10 nations have already done so fully.

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Difference in UPI and digital currency

When comparing digital currency with UPI, Choudhary noted that while UPI is a payment method, digital money issued by the central bank is a liability for the RBI, similar to physical currency. He noted that the respective bank is responsible for any transaction made through UPI.

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