Crypto Lunar: 3 Crypto Gift Ideas For The Chinese New Year

We’re fast approaching Chinese New Year, and that means the hunt for the perfect gift is on. If there are chances that you know someone who would appreciate a good crypto gift this holiday then you are at the right place. You can be sure that these desirable crypto gift ideas will make your loved ones stop and say “OMG” (that’s a compliment).

1. Ledger wallet

Storing their coins in electronic wallets or on exchanges is one of the biggest nightmares for crypto investors. With the number of increasing hack attacks against cryptocurrencies, a secure asset storage device such as a Ledger wallet will surely make every crypto holder happy.

For example, KeepKey, is unhackable, which makes it a great place to keep your crypto safe. With no operating system, viruses can’t touch it. Plus, it’s so easy to use that even Bitcoin noobs can figure it out. This gift is portable and suitable for beginners and experienced traders.

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2. Physical Bitcoin

Physical representations of Bitcoin have existed for a long time now. In the past few years, several different renditions have also cropped up, each with different compositional material, values, and purposes. However, these are not real cryptocurrencies and have no value correlated to crypto coins.

Gifting physical bitcoins is a way of telling your crypto lover that you care about them and also, wish them well on their future investments. The easiest way to get physical bitcoins is through online stores like Etsy.

3. Crypto Art

Last but not the least, Crypto art is a gifting idea if the person is interested in both cryptocurrencies and art. If you have made up your mind to buy one, then there is this popular online destination called Crypto Art, where everyone can look through various art products focusing on crypto.

The concept of “crypto art” references digital art pieces that are bought with cryptocurrencies, while anything can be an NFT even if it is not art-related. These are valuable digital assets that offer something hard to find in digital art: ownership of the piece. It is one of the best crypto gift ideas for Chinese New Year 2023.

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