Craig Wright Calls XRP ‘Useless Pump And Dump Scheme’, Ripple CTO Hits back

XRP News: David Schwartz, Ripple CTO and Craig Wright, self proclaimed Bitcoin creator got into a war of words over BTC adoption by institutional investors. However, this heated conversation took a wrong turn toward the XRP token and its utility.

Ripple CTO – Craig Wright’s ugly banter

Craig Wright in a tweet wrote that Bitcoin cannot be adopted by institutional investors until it gets recovered under a legal order.

However, Ripple CTO called this comment dumb for so many reasons. He questioned why “institutional investors” are a target market for peer-to-peer digital cash. While he added which jurisdictions would it cover?

Self proclaimed Bitcoin creator implied that Ripple CTO is unaware of how Finance works and he holds no idea how the legal framework works out. He added that David Schwartz really doesn’t understand Bitcoin. While he carries no experience in institutional investment. Read More XRP News Here-

Craig Wright in his further comments brought up Ripple and its native crypto, XRP. He stated that Ripple CTO has a very limited area of expertise. He called out XRP as the most useless pump and dump scheme in this entire industry.

To this comment, Ripple CTO replied that at least he doesn’t abuse the legal system in order to silence my critics and steal.

David Schwartz to sue self proclaimed Bitcoin creator

Craig Wright called Ripple CTO a liar for talking about XRP being used as a cross border bridge between systems.

However, David Schwartz stated that Craig Wright is fortunate that he is not a despicable coward who would sue someone for sharing an opinion.

Meanwhile, Wright claimed that he is putting the truth in front of all. While XRP and Ripple would sue him if it wasn’t the truth.

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