Cardano Founder Triggers NFT Community With New Twitter PFP

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson changed the display picture on his Twitter and Facebook account causing a controversy. Hoskinson apparently used a NFT picture as his new Twitter and Facebook avatar but without actually buying the NFT. Cardano founder was accused of right clicking and saving someone’s NFT as a picture and using it as a profile picture.


NFT Community Reacts To Cardano Founder Using NFT PFP

Several from the NFT community tweeted at Caradano founder asking clarification over his use of someone else’s NFT. JpgStoreNFT CEO Blakelock Brown called out Hoskinson saying, “if you are reading this, please buy your NFT next time.” The NFT that Hoskinson used was a picture of himself made by NFT artist JAR Heads NFT. Right-clicking and saving NFT as a picture has been a topic of much debate outside of the crypto community, seemingly to dismiss the entire concept of NFTs. So, some in the crypto community accused Hoskinson of going against the unsaid ethics.


Charles Hoskinson Justifies Right-click Saving NFTs

Replying to Twitter user LaithNFT, Caradno Founder said that he liked the picture so he used it as his profile picture. He further added that the artist and NFT owner don’t mind because it increased the value of their work and product having the historical association with him. When JpgStoreNFT CEO asked Hoskinson to buy the NFT he was using as his profile picture, he wrote back that he is not buying the IP or signing a contract giving him royalty free use to display. An NFT is not the image anymore than a lithograph is a painting, Cardano Founder justified.

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