Breaking: Elon Musk Shares Massive Earning Potential For Twitter’s Content Creators

Twitter users that contribute content now have a reason to celebrate, as it’s likely that they will soon be able to earn for their hard work and the effort they put in. On Friday, Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, announced that content creators will soon start receiving a portion of the revenue generated by advertisements that appear in their reply threads.

Elon Musk’s New Twitter Ad Model

Musk tweeted that the new initiative will begin operating today, but no further information has been made public. And it can be pretty much guaranteed that a lot of the creators are now eagerly waiting with bated breath to find out what type of share they’ll get. Currently, YouTube provides producers a share of money equal to 55% of total earnings, while TikTok splits revenue equally with its artists.

Musk was quoted as saying:

Starting today, Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their reply threads.

This also indicates that content authors whose threads attract the most advertisements on their replies will have the opportunity to earn an even larger chunk of the ad revenue. Musk stated, in reference to eligibility, that only Twitter Blue Tick subscribers will be qualified for revenue sharing if and when it is offered.

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Influencers Welcome Musk’s Decision

Since the month of November, Musk has been discussing the creation of various revenue-sharing models for Twitter, however, there has been some uncertainty on when and how such programs would get off the ground. And, Musk being Musk, the 51-year-old business tycoon announced the new program prior to any formal statement issued by the company’s communication channels.

Prominent Youtube creator, Mr.Beast who boasts an astounding 131 million subscribers, also chimed in to express his surprise at the sudden announcement.

Lex Fridman, another famous podcaster, stated that it was a big opportunity and that it would encourage more great content instead of promoting “divisive drama”.

Recently, the Tesla CEO pushed the idea of a “Twitter Payments” feature in an effort to generate additional revenue streams outside advertising. And while the feature is under development, the social media company has already begun applications for state licenses in the United States. Moreover, even if the payment functionality is touted to be released with fiat currency first, Elon has acknowledged support for cryptocurrencies in the near future.

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