Blackrock Ethereum Private Trust: Likely To Be Launched In 2023?

Blackrock Ethereum Private Trust: Following the launch of Blackrock spot Bitcoin Private Trust in August 2022, the crypto community was overjoyed. This was because Blackrock is the world’s largest fund manager, meaning potentially the most influential institutional investor the community would have asked for. In fact, as recent as January 2023, Blackrock added Bitcoin as an eligible investment to its flagship Global Allocation Fund, which is worth around $15 billion.

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In this context, certain influencers are speculating the possibility of the Blackrock Ethereum Private Trust becoming a reality well within 2023. If the Ethereum Trust goes on to be launched, it could go out as a huge statement to the potential investors who are vary of the crypto market after the FTX collapse. From Ethereum’s perspective, it will be a welcome move especially in the context of the upcoming Shanghai upgrade, the biggest since The Merge.

Blackrock Ethereum Private Trust Launch In 2023?

Blackrock made it clear that it was expand its presence in the digital assets industry. In fact, Larry Fink, the Blackrock CEO, said tokenization of securities would be the future in the space. In this context, Lark Davis, a crypto influencer, is speculating that Blackrock would launch the Ethereum fund in 2023 itself, considering the asset manager’s interest in the tokenization space. In the current scenario, though, this would only be speculation although it is possible that Blackrock is working on such a move already.

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