Arthur Hayes Rolls Out ‘White Boy’ Last Chapter; SBF Replies

SBF News: Arthur Hayes, Co-Founder of 100x released the last essay of his “White Boy” series. In the detailed piece of writing, he tends to connect the apex of Western Exceptionalism, the resurrection of Eurasia and the Failure of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX. However, SBF, who is on house arrest came out to reply to Hayes.

Hayes blames SBF

Hayes stated that he is done talking about SBF and the collapse of FTX and it is not fun anymore when a person doesn’t want to fight back. However, he predicted that the SBF will be posting some bland, carefully crafted tweets to render himself before the trial.

However, he added that there is still a final lesson to be learned from the FTX debacle and what have been its repercussions on global macroeconomics and political perspective. He mentioned that TradFi system will unconsciously try to cozy up to individuals and firms they believe will continue to support the supremacy of the fait-led financial order.

The last chapter highlighted that SBF was very clear about his belief in operating a centralised crypto business was one of the best ways to earn the most amount of money and that too in the shortest time. While he believed that he could give it all away for the betterment of humanity.

SBF came forward to reply over the matter and stated that he obviously strongly disagrees with many specific FTX linked allegations. He largely agrees with Arthur Hayes’s higher level point. While it turned out to be the same thing he is overseeing again.

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