Alien Worlds Game: Can Alien Worlds Be played On A Mobile Device?

What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an NFT metaverse game that runs on Ethereum, WAX, and the BNB Smart Chain. Players compete in Alien Worlds’ simulated economy for scarce resources such as NFTs and in-game tokens. The game’s ecosystem in Alien Worlds is based on four pillars. Players, or Explorers as they are known, participate in mining by buying and renting land and voting on planetary governance to affect Trillium payouts. These four pillars include Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, NFT tools, lands, and Trillium (TLM) tokens (Planet DAOs)

Who founded Alien Worlds?

The minds behind Alien Worlds are Sarojini McKenna and Michael Yeates. Before collaborating to make the game, the two had previously collaborated on the EOS blockchain. They were also a member of the group that collaborated closely with Liberland, a tiny nation. Liberland was a country on the banks of the Danube that was eight kilometers square. It was intended to test the viability of implementing a functioning governance system based on blockchain technology and a DAO.

What is the Alien Worlds Crypto Game?

A mining game is called Alien Worlds. Obtaining the Trillium material is the aim of the game. This resource, which serves as the game’s money, is found on mining planets. Earn Trillium, which gives you influence in the Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs), which govern each planet.

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What is Trillium?

Trillium (TLM) is the in-game currency of Alien Worlds, and Explorers can earn this token as a reward for playing core games in the Alien Worlds Metaverse. Users can also stake TLM to participate in the governance of the Planet DAOs.

As was previously mentioned, Alien World is a game that involves mining the metaverse. This simply means that Explorers can obtain TLM by engaging in mining activities as miners. Alternately, lease land to miners in exchange for TLM mining commissions. Users may store Trillium on any of the three blockchains because it is on the WAX, BSC, and Ethereum networks. Over the past 18 months, the TLM token has experienced some turbulence.

What are NFTs in Alien Worlds?

The game will occasionally give users a special item as compensation for mining TLM; these items can be tools, minions, weapons, or even avatars. These items are Non-Fungible Tokens, which are more challenging to acquire than TLM.

Every time users mine, they receive TLM, whereas there is a chance that they will receive an NFT depending on the luck of your tool and the terrain they are mining on. NFTs for Alien Worlds exist on the blockchain and are freely tradable. It is possible to make money by playing Alien Worlds by trading NFTs on the Atomic Hub Marketplace.

How to play in the Alien Worlds

Playing Alien Worlds’ base game is totally free. Users only need a WAX wallet. They can register on Alien Worlds with a WAX wallet and immediately begin mining with the provided shovel. They must purchase a stack of Trilium tokens if they want to participate in the Binance Chain’s staking and mission systems. Visit the Alien Worlds website, equip the tool(s), choose a planet and a land plot, then click Mine to begin mining! The tools used and the area mined determine the cooldown between mining attempts. On the screen, this is visible at the very top.

Important tips for playing Alien Worlds

In terms of gameplay strategy, there isn’t much. Miners can increase their TLM earnings by choosing the right land and upgrading their tools. Users can completely ignore the NFT factor on tools since it has no impact on mining at this time. Finding a land that offers side bonuses is definitely something they should do if users are mining. Many landowners provide unique NFTs or exclusive rewards for mining on their properties. For specific opportunities, visit their official Community Page or the Land Promotion chat on their official Discord server.

Each Mission user’s join requires two transactions for staking. Even though the Binance Smart Chain, where fees are typically low, is where the gameplay for Missions takes place, you should still consider that cost when selecting Missions. In other words, it’s better to pack a lot of TLM into one mission than to distribute it evenly among several missions. Additionally, longer Missions yield rarer NFTs; only the 12-week Missions yield legendary NFTs.

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Alien Worlds Planet DAO’s

The Alien Worlds Metaverse has advanced to the next level of innovation with DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). Players can rule their own planets thanks to this game feature. Gamers can allocate some of their digital wealth to their preferred regions on alien planets in order to mine more trillium.

This increases your ability to vote in planetary elections. Players with more power can participate in the distribution of digital assets among the planet’s regions. Simply put, one becomes more powerful the more Trillium they invest in alien communities. Simply put, Alien Worlds gives players a chance to play and strategize on their chosen planet’s behalf.

How to earn money by playing Alien Worlds

A cryptocurrency game called Alien Worlds features space exploration, trillium mining, and combat with other explorers as you play. Users can easily and securely obtain USDT if they have TLM thanks to the public trading of Alien Worlds’ TLM currency on Binance and other cryptocurrency markets. Alien Worlds offers a few different ways to make money:

  1. Mining for Trillium (TLM)
  2. Selling Aliens World NFTs
  3. Buying Land in Alien Worlds

Mining for Trillium

In Alien Worlds, mining is a key activity, and Trillium staking, mining, and conversion account for a large portion of the game’s economy. Users must mine, of course, since mining also pays out NFTs.

  1. Users can make about $1 per hour as a total beginner:
  2. Players typically mine for an hour each day because it becomes quickly monotonous.
  3. Users will complete roughly 15 mining attempts in that hour with a typical beginner’s build.
  4. Each mining attempt will typically reward users with 0.15 TLM
  5. This yields 2.25 TLM per hour, equivalent to about 1 USD per hour.
  6. Using the Alien Worlds Teleport protocol, users can teleport TLM to Binance and complete the trade there.

This may seem like a low amount, but keep in mind that we’re talking about earnings that are available as soon as you begin playing the game. Advanced players can easily increase their hourly earnings from $1 to $6 to $10 thanks to better mining equipment that pays out more TLM per mine.

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Selling Aliens World NFTs

NFTs are a potential natural byproduct of trillium mining. Every time users mine, the game determines their chance of receiving an NFT and rewards them if they’re fortunate. The likelihood of finding an NFT varies from 0.5% to about 20% with the best tools, depending on the user’s tools and the terrain they are mining on.

How to make money selling NFTs in Alien Worlds is as follows:

  1. On the AtomicHub exchange, Alien Worlds NFTs can be exchanged for WAX tokens.
  2. The currency of the WAX blockchain, which powers Alien Worlds, is called a WAX token.
  3. On various WAX exchanges, including Alcor. exchange, WAX tokens can be converted into TLM.
  4. The Alien Worlds Teleport protocol can be used to teleport TLM to Binance.

Buying Land in Alien Worlds

Players have the option to invest in buying a piece of Alien Worlds in addition to mining and selling NFTs. Despite how expensive they are, buying land can be a viable side business for those with plenty of cash. Under no circumstances should users rush to purchase land in Alien Worlds if they’re just starting. Play the game slowly and decide what strategy suits you the best.

How you can own a part of the Alien Worlds universe:

  1. Go to AtomicHub and exclude Lands from the collection of Alien Worlds.
  2. Find a piece of land you like, but hold off on buying it just yet.
  3. Check to see if your land is well-liked by players by visiting the AW Stats website, which monitors landowner earnings from mining.
  4. If so, buy it, set a commission, and take a seat to relax and enjoy.

The amount users can make from owning land is difficult to predict because it depends on the overall activity in the game and player interest in your land. But most of the lands we examined make between 30 and 50 TLM daily.

How does Minecraft fit in with Alien Worlds?

In the incredibly well-liked game Minecraft, players can now acquire TLM. The platform, which boasts over 170 million players worldwide, declared in March that it would allow the Alien Worlds community to earn worthwhile tokens. Rate serves as the interface that connects a conventional game to a blockchain game. Where the old world meets the new world, it was viewed as a portent of things to come at the time.

Traditional gamers are encouraged to delve a little deeper into the web3 and play-to-earn worlds. Players in Minecraft can earn more than TLM as well. Users can also participate in the web2 gameplay to win Alien Worlds NFTs.

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How to Store Trillium (TLM)

The main cryptocurrency wallet for Alien Worlds is MetaMask, which can be used to store, send, and trade in-game currency. Users can use a feature called Teleport, which serves as a gateway to thread coins from one wallet to another because the game also runs with WAX.

How to Transfer Tokens to Play

Players can use the token to channel it into the game’s NFTs. However, as a result, advance further into the Planet system by using the aforementioned technique of Teleporting Trilium to one of the few crypto wallets.

Alien Worlds token price analysis

Source: Coinmarketcap

TLM’s current price is around $0.02221 and has a current circulating supply of 3,361,608,482 TLM. The Alien Worlds token ATH (all-time high) price was $7.19 in April 2021.TLM can be a great long-term investment if it will attract more investors.


In the blockchain Meterverse market right now, Alien Worlds is without a doubt in the lead. The planetary game is still far from reaching its full potential, with over 200,000 new players joining every day. However, due to its rapid expansion, the Play-to-Earn model has revolutionized the gaming industry. And with Trillium, a reliable in-game currency, it has successfully positioned itself as a legitimate competitor in both the gaming and cryptocurrency markets. The prospects for Alien Worlds, the game, and the players are intriguing to consider. Also, the infrastructure within DAOs and gameplay that we anticipate.

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